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Shaper Cutters & Knives

Choose from a large selection of Amana Tool shaper cutters for: joinery, straight edge, profiling, molding, window sash, wainscot, paneling, stile and rail, raised panel, door-making, tongue and groove, mission style, cabinet door making, flooring, raised panel shaper cutters and more, in bores of 1/2" – 1-1/4".

Knife Making With Basic Tools : 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Knife Making With Basic Tools: The knife. Where would we be without it? One of the singularly most useful tools in existence. Sure you can buy a relatively inexpensive beautiful knife that will last a while, but...where''s the fun in that? Handcrafting mankind''s most

Moulding Knives, Templates, Molding Catalog by Mirror …

Mirror Reflections is a molding knife design and manufacturing company. We produce some of the most beautiful quality molding knives, profile templates, and CAD (computer-aided design) drawings in the woodworking industry. Consider us as a reliable resource for superior quality cutters for the molder or shaper and acrylic templates for profile ...

Sharp Knife Grinding on a REFORM | HOBBY SHOP

 · Knife grinding on a Reform knife grinder. These sharp knives are used to cut plastic for recycling. Recycle to better our environment and mold a better livin...

Corrugated Moulder Knives

Semi-finished knives are cost-effective. Many companies still think that owning a knife grinder and grinding their moulder knives from blank steel is the most economical way to acquire new knives. Well… probably is not. At one time, it definitely was. It''s not the

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GUHDO provides a full range of high-quality precision tooling for industrial applications, to include saw blades, CNC Router tooling and toolholders, insert tooling, diamond tooling, drill and boring bits, moulder and planer heads, knives, measuring instruments and

Moulding Knives, Custom Grinding, Fast Turn Around

We make high quality custom moulding knives with very fast 1-2 day lead times! we place emphasis on great pricing, precise quality, and rock solid deadlines. Lets Do an Example for our knife grinding service. We''ll use a 2 1/4" custom casing ...

Are Shapers Outmoded?

I know they have an important part in a custom shop, from small to large. Our two man shop has two shapers and a router table run as a shaper - with feeder. Delta and the hobby/slash small equipment makers have liability issuers with them and don''t want the problems they might bring with weekend warriors sending parts flying.

Grinding Custom Shaper Knives

 · Grinding custom shaper handrail knives by hand.

Custom Moulding Knives

At Custom Moulding Knives our knives are precision ground on state. of the art equipment in order to get you the best results possible. Knives are ground in sets of 2 and are balanced to within .1 gram of. each other in weight. Modifications of profiles are allowed but at an additional cost of 20.00. per profile.

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Moulding Knives, Custom Grinding, Fast Turn Around

There is a "minimum width" knife charge of 2.25", regardless of the actual width of the knife. Lets Do an Example for our knife grinding service. We''ll use a 2 1/4" custom casing moulding with a 1/2" depth of cut. The knife will measure 3/4" wider than the wood sample to …


8 Bore 8 Inch 93.5 In Band Saw Blades Band Band 18 Band 18 Foot Band 5 5M Bandsaw Bandsaw Blade 188 Bandsaw Coil Blades Set Bore Newly Sharpener Circular Saw Blades Bosch T Shank Jig Saw Blade Carbide Moulder Insert Tool Cutter Heads Carbide Tipped Carbide Tipped Moulder Knives Circular Blades Carbide Circular Saw Blade Cnc Cutter Blade Cutter Blades Cutter Head Cutter Set …

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Quality Saw & Knife Ltd: Router Bits and Knife Machining in Port Coquitlam As manufacturers of custom-made router bits, shaper cutters and profile knives, Quality Saw & Knife Ltd has been serving the Lower Mainland since 1959. We provide sharpening and machining for home, hobby and industrial woodworking applications. ...

Planer Knives & Blades, Carbide, HSS, Best Prices

Our high quality carbide inlay knives can produce 10x the amount of ordinary M2 knives. Carbide is great for long runs of MDF, Teak, Anigre, Ipe, composites and much more! Carbide inlay knife steel needs to be ground with special diamond profile grinding wheels.

Planer Knives & Blades, Carbide, HSS, Best Prices

specialize though in offering wholesale prices direct to your work shop. shipment in Carbide, HSS, and other specialty alloys. At PlanerKnives-n-blades we offer one of the widest selections of finely made precision cutting planer knives and inserts on the web. We stock planer blades for running almost any type of lumber or composite material.

Profile Grinding — Corrugated Profiles Inc.

Type of Grind Available with V2 Steel. " Here is an example of pricing for a custom knife order: a moulding that is 2 1/2" wide and has a depth of profile of 1/2" would equal 2 1/2" of steel plus 3/4" (10mm on each end for axial) times 2 knives. That would equal 6" of steel at 2" x $20.00 per inch in M2.

Grinding Custom Shaper Knives | THISisCarpentry

 · Grinding Custom Shaper Knives by Jed Dixon on November 26, 2010 Thisiscarpentry I also started grinding shaper knives early in my woodworking career. It was one of the most profitable things I did. When I started I used lockedge. I …

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Profile grinding and special cutters Window and door systems Bespoke Tooling Design Featured Products 190 x 65 x 30mm Bore Multiple Radius Block ( Radius 2-6 ) Code: 127158 £248.00 each 250 x Code: 119289 £798.00 each View Details 68 x 108 x 20 ...

Molding Knives and Custom Moulding Cutters

 · Molding Knives and Custom Moulding Cutters. History is our Quality Moldingknivesdirect (MKD) has been manufacturing molding knives in the USA since 1978. Primarily as an OEM Supplier we have produced over 200,000 stock and custom knives. We were ...

Custom Profiled Planer, Moulder, and Shaper Knives

We stock hundreds of bars of blank steel for our grinding program in some of the most popular alloys including M2, T1, Black Nitride, V3 and more. We are also capable of producing carbide tipped knives for most planers, moulders, and shapers as well. Andrew Corbello (owner) has over 24 years of expierience with 16 years actually managing and ...


Custom Tool & Grinding For more than 40 years, Custom Tool & Grinding has been providing fast, accurate, high-quality custom cutting tools and grinding services to North American and global manufacturers who need standard and non-standard cutting tools.

Moore Profiles

Welcome to W. Moore Profiles, LTD. We offer a large selection of moulding, millwork and cabinetry products for professional woodworkers and individuals who are completing their own projects. From moulder heads and moulder knives to router bits, planer knives and table saw heads, we have a wide range of tools and parts available.

Shaper Cutters

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Stacking Shaper Cutters

From contributor F: Personally I''d use the 5hp for the stacked cutters and upgrade to a bigger shaper for your other stuff. My concern would be shaft flex. Generally speaking your smaller 1-1/2 hp shapers are as mentioned more the foray of hobby crowd. As such ...


Custom-designed Shaper Systainer makes it easy to safely transport Origin to and from the worksite, and store it conveniently at the end of the day. Shaper SM-1 Spindle Shaper partnered with Festool, the worldwide gold standard in high-quality routers, to develop …

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Carving a Volute | THISisCarpentry

 · When running the spiral through the shaper, be careful to keep the knives away from the joint between the wreath and the spiral, otherwise the wood will "blow out" and ruin the joint. Equally important, it''s best to keep the area around the joint fat, leaving the option of pushing some of the distortion of the wreath down into the spiral.

Belt grinders for knife making | BladeForums

 · Dec 7, 2006. Messages. 3,365. Feb 10, 2010. #3. The 2X42 grinder from Sear''s is a good entry level grinder for about 120 bucks.Is it the best,No but it will let you know if your gonna stay with the hobby or not.I made quite a few knives on one of them and it bought me my KMG. Stan.

Cut to the Chase

 · Woodshops that own a shaper but don''t own a lot of profile knives might be interested in the Cuttershare program (cuttershare ) from Rangate Inc. in Blaine, Wash. This is a membership organization where annual dues of $35 opens up a wealth of shared tools that can be kept in-house for up to three months.

Grinding custom shaper knives

It is very difficult to hand-grind corrugated backed knives (as you mentioned). One of the main reasons is that you will not be able to adjust the projection (the knives must fit the corrugations on the head). I use lock edge shaper collars with beveled steel knives. These can be adjusted to the projection needed.

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Vexor provides a variety of custom woodworking tools including Custom Insert Tooling, Custom Router Bits, Shaper Cutters, Spirals. Home / About Vexor / What''s New / Products / LRH Series / Services / Contact Us / Galleries / Profile Galleries Custom Tool / ...