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 · The coupling could transmit motor power to the output end via the magnetic field; therefore, if the load in output end is a fixed value, then the output power of motor is a fixed value too. The ratio between them shall be determined by the air gap and rotating-speed difference at that moment.

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The shaft coupling is the connecting element between the electric motor and the pump hydraulic system. Slip-free shaft couplings employed in centrifugal pumps are divided into rigid and flexible shaft couplings. Rigid shaft coupling Rigid shaft couplings are mainly used to connect perfectly aligned shafts. The slightest misalignment results in considerable extra stress on shaft couplings and ...

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Coupling connection Combination of gearboxes and motors using Demag coupling shaft end (Z-type cylindrical-rotor motors or KB-type conical-rotor brake motors) via an intermediate flange and roller spider coupling. Since there is no oil present in the coupling


2.b.IEC MOTOR FLANGE COUPLING: Locate the coupling 13.0 to 14.0mm from the motor face. Refer to the illustration in Figure 2.3.1 c. 3. Tighten the coupling set screws; one located over the key and the other located at 90 (degrees). After tightening the set

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MBY series mill drive gearbox adopts single-stage deceleration, with special oil station, all mill drive gearboxes are hard tooth surface, the precision is up to 6 grades (GB10095-88) or more, high reliability design, design life is durable life, compared with similar products at home and abroad. The utility model has the advantages of small ...

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When%two%pieces%of%rotating%equipment%are%connected%through%a%shaft%coupling,%every%effort%should%be% made%to%minimize%coupling%and%shaft ! misalignment . %Proper%alignment%will%reducebearing,%shaft%and%

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 · Oversizing a coupling can result in a reduction in needed flexibility or misalignment compensation, and a coupling that is too large can put additional stresses on the pumps and motors being coupled. On the other hand, a coupling with too much misalignment capacity may be too soft or compliant, which can cause vibration or an unbalanced condition in rotation.


coupling with 5 inch shaft separation should be aligned to be within 0.005 inches. (Note that a 5 inch spacer is the minimum allowed by API 610 (1995) for process pumps.) A failure for this type of coupling is usually limited to the flex element and little or


A pulverizer 10 includes a journal assembly 19 with a grinding roller 18 that grinds solids in a grinding table 14 . The oscillations of the journal assembly 19 are monitored by an angular displacement transducer (ADT) 32 that creates a composite signal. A ...

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In this paper, an axial field HTS machine with integrated HTS magnetic coupling is designed, constructed and tested. The motor is composed of a copper armature and a HTS inductor manufactured with BSSCO coils. In the design stage, 3D finite element

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When a pump is close coupled, a separate coupling is not required as the motor is directly mounted to the pump on a single shaft. Whilst close coupled pumps benefit from a compact, cost effective design, they are less preferable for heavy duty, high power, continuous use as there is more strain put on the common bearings and the size of the motor is usually limited.

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This Ruland servo coupling article describes the considerations that must be made during system design to avoid coupling failure. Mechanical couplings have a principal use in the connection of rotating shafts for the transfer of rotary motion and torque. As with all ...

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 · The coupling spacer on horizontal pumps can then be removed to allow sufficient axial clearance to replace a mechanical seal without moving the pump or motor, or to allow room for the pump "back-pull-out" element to be replaced without moving the motor.

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 · It is another type of rigid coupling so all the conditions are also applicable here like proper alignment of both the shafts and connection should not have any kind of vibrations and jerks. Here we use two flanges one is for input shaft and the other is for the output shaft.

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The motor and rotor are usually driven by direct coupling. The crusher generally uses feeding material, and the material enters the gap between hammer and screen. Organic fertilizer crusher is strongly hit by the hammer piece running at line speed under suspended state, and becomes a number of fragments.

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The coupling is suitable for ambient temperatures of between -40 C and +120 C.The ELPEX-S coupling is frequently used for diesel motor drives or reciprocating compressor drives. Because the different rubber versions enable the torsional stiffness to be adjusted to meet requirements, the coupling is also suitable for drives which require a specific and preferably pre-calculated torsional ...

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1. Type of Heating. In static surface heating, in which the part can be rotated but is not moved through the coil, a coupling distance of 0.060 inch (0.15 cm) from part to coil is recommended. For progressive heating or scanning, a coupling distance of 0.075 inch (0.19 cm) is usually necessary to allow for variations in workpiece straightness.

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 · Best Practices for Mitigating Bearing Currents. Consider these methods to help protect systems from high-frequency current damage. Image 1. An external source of shaft voltage exists for induction motors operated by adjustable speed drives. (Images courtesy of ABB) Bearing currents have been around in one form or another since Tesla''s ...

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 · Steel coupling hubs require an increase of 160 F degrees (90 C) for every mil (0.001 in or 0.025 mm) of interference divided by the hub inside diameter. For example, a steel hub with a 2.125 in-bore with an interference of 0.0015 in will require an increase of 1.5/2.125 x 160 = 113 F degrees (63 C).

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• Motor : 2 HP 1 3.00 12. Crumbler: Model Unique 200 x 1000 RPM 1440 and Three stage siever with 30,25,20,,SS Screen and Vibro Motors • Heavy MS structure with roller made specially hardened chilled roll steel and spring loaded roll gap adjustments

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A magnetic coupling is a coupling that transfers force, using a magnetic field rather than a physical mechanical connection. Both torque and linear magnetic couplers are very helpful when one assembly needs a separated operating environment. Fixed Gap Magnetic Coupling. -Face to Face: Face to Face coupler is comprised of disc shaped assemblies.

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The design of a coupling is simple. It''s a wide, flat flange mounted on the end of a driveshaft that interfaces with a mating face on the transmission''s out put coupling. To keep the two faces centered on each other, the shaft cou pling incorporates a male pilot bush

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Depending on the type of coupling, the coupling gap can have an effect on vibration, coupling heat/wear, and bearing thrust. It is best to go by the coupling manufacturer''s specifications on setting the proper gap.

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685 Coupling guard 819 Extended motor shaft 861.1 Coupling half (pump side) 861.2 Coupling half (motor side) 922 Impeller lock nuts 940.1 Key 940.2 Key Cross section BS Cross section B 230 400 102.2 161 433 819 922 502 940.1 507 102.2 502

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98 Drive Engineering - Practical Implementation Vol. 4 11 Technical data / Dimensions 11.7 Working air gap with SEW brakes 1) Double disc brake Motor size Brake type Working air gap (mm) New setting Readjust at 63 71/80 80 90/100 100 B03 BMG05, BC05

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4.1.2 Connection, motor and axis Mounting of the coupling housing Fig. 5 1. Place coupling housing [5] onto the centring collar of the axis. Ä Anti-twist pin [M] of the axis latches into the drill hole of the coupling housing [5]. 2. Fasten coupling housing [5] with the

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gap and salient-pole. The analysis of the electromechanical coupling systems in rotating machines can thus be reduced to the analysis of two configura-tions, regardless of the size or type of machine. As is to be expected, some machines do not fit

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Connection-Severing Flexible Shaft Couplings To protect power-transmission components from damage, these couplings will shear or tear in overtorque conditions (approximately 10-20 times the maximum rated torque) to sever connections between shafts.

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Gear Coupling Features: 1:Join two shaft.Even if you have deflection, axial error, you can still transmit torque. 2: it can absorb three kinds of errors of connection shaft. Protect equipment from damage. It is widely used in rigid shaft and heavy loading.

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 · Coordination between multiple motor structures is essential for normal motor activity. Substantial efforts have been made to characterize mechanisms that coordinate movements of similar body parts, e.g., different body segments in model systems such as lamprey and leech swimming, crayfish swimmerets movements (see Introduction), and limb coordination in quadrupeds ( Grillner, …

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The shafting of large steam turbine generator set is composed of several rotors which are connected by couplings. The computing method of shafting with different structure under specific installation requirement is studied in this paper. Based on three-moment equation, shafting alignment mathematical model is established. The computing method of bearing elevations and loads under corresponding ...