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Thin Brick Veneer - Stone Concept can install brick veneer to your home or commercial building, giving it a whole new look. Contact us for more information. Brick veneers are made of real brick that is thinner than normal bricks used for masonry construction. The thin brick veneer used have a maximum thickness of 1 and ¼ inches and are used like tile for interior remodels and upgrades applied ...

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Brick veneer. $9-$11. Vinyl. $4-$6. If anyone has better feedback on what it cost them to do any of these jobs feel free to feedback with the comment form. This is intended to give you a relative idea of the costs involved. What you will get for your investment in brick is additional resale value on your home.

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 · Thin brick veneer siding is similar to stone veneer siding which brings a return on investment of nearly 95%, according to the most recent Cost to Value analysis from Remodeling Magazine. A project that costs $10,000 will boost the home''s value by about $9,500.

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Available in 3/4" or 5/8" thick real brick units, thin brick are designed to replace tile, vinyl siding, wood or aluminum siding. We also offer pre-blended packaging to match face brick and thin brick together on the same project for various methods of installations or applications.

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 · Thin Brick Veneer Uses Thin brick veneer can be used in any type of project where the full brick would be used and beyond. Many NJ homeowners choose to use thin veneer for creating an attractive siding for all or part of their house.


Thin brick veneer is lightweight, easily accessible and versatile enough for easy installment on virtually any wall surface. Thin brick veneer has become extremely popular in commercial installations including, restaurants, bars, wine shops and urban spaces.

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Durham veneer thin bricks come in modular size (2 ¼ x 7 5/8 x ½). Modular size brick tile is the most common for wall veneering. Durham veneer thin bricks have a unique finish on its face which is accomplished through blasting the brick with a coating the column of clay before firing process. After the extrusion process the brick is covered ...

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Brick veneer siding and/or faux brick siding is a lightweight, more affordable alternative to full brick siding that delivers the look of the real thing. It''s ideal for home renovation because it can be installed over the home''s sheathing in much the same way vinyl or wood siding would be. would be.

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Thin Brick is a compelling alternative that gives architects, engineers, builders and homeowners a choice that expands their design potential by eliminating certain restrictions Amazing Product Diversity. With thin brick, restrictions go out the window …

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 · Brick siding is also called veneer brick (or brick veneer), which clearly distinguishes it from solid brick construction. However, this doesn''t help define what kind of brick siding it is. A traditional brick veneer is built by a mason and is laid up with full clay …

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Indiana Brick is Indiana''s leading brick distributor offering the widest selection of brick and stone from the largest and most respected manufacturing partners. In addition, we carry block, landscape and hardscape products, masonry supplies and tools.

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 · Features. Genuine kiln fired clay brick veneer. 5 Brickwebb sheets, measuring 28" L x 10.5" H. 12 thin bricks per sheet x 5 sheets = 60 total thin bricks. Covers 8.7 sq ft. Adds comfort, style, and value to your home or business. Quick and easy do-it-yourself installation. Traditional masonry that can be installed where full brick can''t.

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 · Thin Brick Veneer: 2,000 sq.ft. x $10 = $20,000 (includes labor) Additional Building Materials: $1,500 (includes, metal lathing, mortar, flashing, etc.) Removal of previous siding: $1600 Garbage Rental / Disposal Charge: $900 Housewrap: $250 Building Permit ...

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Interior & Exterior thin brick veneer is a great option when you cannot afford to lose precious real estate in your space. With wall brick veneers you still get the look of a full brick when you use our 90 degree L shaped corner pieces for your interior stone designs.

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Each Thin Brick locks onto the brick wall panels, and rests secure, straight, and perfectly spaced. Properly installed, Brickfast brick veneer panels are indistinguishable from traditional brick masonry.

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Our brick flooring tiles are unique, durable, and the perfect complement to any home. Purchase thin brick wall and floor tiles for your next project today. As easy to install as ceramic tile, our brick wall veneer provides the character and strength that will last for a ...

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compared with common light-weight cladding systems, thin brick veneer generally provides superior resistance to noise, minor impacts, abuse, heat and vandalism. The durability, fire resistance, security and acoustic comfort provided by thin brick systems are

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Get The Skinny. You''ve never seen or worked with a brick quite like this before. Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick is the exciting new way to transform your home or business in ways you never thought possible. Explore The Features. Riverbend (Made-To-Order)

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Thin Brick Veneer A thin and lightweight alternative to brick, brick veneer lets you add the look of brick to almost any interior or exterior wall. Due to its light weight, brick veneer is quick to install and can normally be added to existing structures with little modification.

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About Thin Brick from Ambrico. American Brick Company, commonly referred to as Ambrico has been in the Thin Brick Distribution, Brick Veneer Installation, and Thin Brick Installation System business for nearly 50 years. Call Ambrico today, at …

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Thin brick serves as a lightweight and versatile brick siding material that place no additional burden on the building''s structure. LOPO thin brick is an extruded kiln-fired brick veneer made from natural clay, which gives the appearance of full-face brick.

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Z‑BRICK ® is the first manufacturer of brick veneer in the USA, and continues to lead the residential and commercial thin brick veneer industry. Z‑BRICK ® facing bricks are used indoors and outdoors to provide the warmth of handmade bricks without the size, weight, and high cost of traditional bricks. Installation is easy with a layer of Z‑Ment ®, ...

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Thin brick, which is also known as brick veneer, is most often made from a combination of clay, gravel and cement. In some cases, recycled materials from old or destroyed buildings can be used to create the brick veneer.

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Creating the look of a reclaimed brick is made simple with exterior thin brick veneer. Thin brick veneer is available in a number of styles and brick colours in Canada. This old brick veneer or antique brick is manufactured up to one inch in thickness and comes with L-shaped pieces that wrap around corners to complete the illusion of having a full brick.

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A premium German-made thin brick line with colors and textures ideal for all applications. This is a palette suited to the most ambitious design intentions, compatible with precast or any other installation system. View Products.

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Manubric – 60 Thin Bricks (10 Sq. Ft.) – Easy to Install Luxurious 3D Brick Wall for Interior Decoration - Low Cost Fire Resistant Brick Veneer – Faux Bricks Same Texture As Real Bricks (Oslo) 4.0 out of 5 stars. 20. $79.99. $79.

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Brick veneer is best described as a type of siding. Like shingles, vinyl siding, or other siding options, it is added to the exterior of the house after the structure has been constructed. A mason or other professional builds a brick wall a few inches away from the wooden, steel, or concrete frame, and attaches it to the load-bearing structure with metal ties.

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Thin brick comes in many different colors and styles and it offers endless design possibilities. You can use thin brick veneer on a fireplace, front steps, a building''s exterior, or even to create an accent wall in your home or back splash in your kitchen. Whatever look ...

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Thin brick uses over 70% less resources to manufacture than full bed brick. If the brick is purely for aesthetics, why sace the time, energy, and resources when so much of the brick is hidden? METROBRICK® Architectural Thin Brick is a true kiln fired thin brick made to stringent guidelines for use in all types of brick veneer applications and construction types.

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Tru-Brix Thin Brick Veneer Siding System: 1. Brick tiles with grooves for use in cladding system with rails. 2. Coated steel rails which mechanically capture the brick. 3. Drainage Type: Air barrier building wrap. 4. Screws and anchors.

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 · The typical cost to install brick siding is $8,900 to $25,000 If you''re trying to cover your home with brick siding and have a tight budget, there are a few ways that you can cut costs. At a minimum of $3 per square foot, thin brick veneer costs less on the low end than brick siding, so you might want to opt for brick veneer if you''re looking to save money.

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Thin Brick Veneer Is A Reservoir Cladding Thin brick veneer is considered a reservoir cladding. It basically act as a sponge that''s right up against your house. In heavy rain thin bricks absorb a lot of water and all that moisture has to drain somewhere.