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Cascade Earth Sciences P.O. Box 14725 Spokane, Washington 99214 (509) 921-0290 April 2006 Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment Kromona Mine and Millsite Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

(PDF) Environmental monitoring risk assessment

ment and the use of risk assessment tools to deter mine the most appro-priate methods for en vironmental ... 11 Microbiological surveillance is an important part of infection control program ...

Safety inspection programs

Safety inspection programs. The implementation of a planned inspection program for mines and petroleum sites is a crucial element in the Resource Regulator''s Incident prevention strategy [PDF, 681.05 KB]. Planned inspection programs focus on assessing a mine operator''s control of critical risks and evaluate the effectiveness of control measures ...

Guidelines for the assessment of geotechnical risks in …

The assessment of geotechnical risks to public safety, infrastructure, the environment, land and property is required by the department''s Earth Resources Regulation unit as part of the submission of a work plan for a new open pit mine or for a variation to a work plan for an existing mine. Work plans are required for all open pit mines where ...


1.3.2. Objectives of Risk Assessment Risk assessment aims to assist in effective management of risks, by identifying: • which risks are most in need of reduction, and the options for achieving that risk reduction, • which risks which need careful on-going 1.3

Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental risk assessment was undertaken through a series of workshops and review sessions at various stages during project design and EIS development. The principles in AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009, as well as the proponent''s internal risk assessment 4-3


Environmental risk assessment (ERA) involves the examination of risks resulting from natural events (flooding, extreme weather events, etc.), technology, practices, processes, products, agents (chemical, biological, radiological, etc.) and industrial activities that may pose threats to

Occupational Health & Safety Situational Analysis & Training Needs Assessment …

A Training Program need not be a stationary building; in fact, as will be detailed in Section C, the training sessions could be housed at a town hall or coffee shop and at mine sites. In addition to the mining training program as suggested above, it is strongly recommended that an


Mine Manager 3 Closure Plan Time to complete Mine Closure and Revegetation works extends beyond scheduled program 1. Closure implementation not planned for. 2. Closure implementation schedule not based on learnings from progressive rehabilitation. 2.

Draft Guidance Note – Environmental Risk Assessment for mining proposals and mine …

3 T A useful way to ensure all phases of mining are considered is by including the mine phase as a specific input field/ column in the risk assessment. See example 1 in the Appendix). The MCP Guidelines also require that the Mine Closure Plan include a description of how temporary closure and/or

Manitoba Orphaned & Abandoned Mine Sites Program

1 1 Manitoba Orphaned & Abandoned Mine Sites Program Ernie Armitt, P.Eng. Director Mines Branch 2 Program & Funding In 1999 – "Strategy Document of Rehabilitation of O/A Mines in Manitoba" Environmental degradation and/or public safety Selection criteria based on risk assessment

Risk Management

Adobe PDF Document Collection. Category: Risk Management. View all files in this category. 755 Kb. NIOSH - Conducting a Fire Risk Assessment. This training package was developed to assist instructors, as they: 1) determine how to use risk assessment to improve preparedness for mine fire emergencies and 2) present risk assessment concepts and ...


Targeted assessment program: Ground or strata failure NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Resources Regulator, Mine Safety, 6 Risk assessments Issue Response Ground control management plans and procedural documents did not reference the

Risk assessment for haul truck-related fatalities in mining

to develop a risk-assessment process, which is a part of risk management, that can be used by the U.S. mining industry to more thoroughly characterize risks associated with haul truck-related fatalities. The assessment is based on historical data obtained from

McArthur River Mine Overburden Management Project

McArthur River Mining has implemented a risk identification and assessment program over a two and a half year period to review these existing Phase 3 project risks, …

Using risk assessment to guide progressive closure planning for the Ok Tedi Mine

Using risk assessment to guide progressive closure planning for the Ok Tedi Mine S. Mackenzie et al. 832 | Mine Closure 2012, Brisbane, Australia reserves will be mined out by 2015. Genuine opportunities are currently being investigated to extend the mine life to

A hazard management system for mining operations | …

 · Risk assessment, which is a process to assess the inherent risk to harm to mine workers from the identified hazards and to identify the controls required to manage that risk. Guidance on these processes is available in: AS/NZS 4804:2001 "Occupational Health ...

Risk assessment tools for environmental monitoring

risk, rate the level of the risk and then set out a plan to minimise, control and monitor the risk. The monitoring of the risk will help to determine the frequency, locations for and level of environmental monitoring (for example, refer to an article by Sandle [2003a], for a

What are the health assessment and monitoring …

Mining operations are required to carry out a structured risk assessment of their occupational health hazards, and develop a risk-based hygiene management plan. This management plan is intended to accurately describe all health hazards for the operation and the controls required to prevent harm to persons from these.

Underground Mining Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Project The Ministry launched in 2013 a project to put in place an integrated risk management methodology: To identify risks to worker health and safety and to work with employers and workers on reducing those risks To provide more

Risk Assessment Worksheet and Management Plan

Risk Assessment Worksheet and Management Plan Form risk_management.doc Page 2 of 12 have cost more. o Find out your team''s confidence level. If the resources that will do the work aren''t comfortable with your cost or duration estimates, then the risk

Psychosocial workplace risk assessment

No risk evaluation Medium risk Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Management section Analyses Units Open Pit Mine N workers N quest. % workers that were surveyed Workplace psychosocial risk level Re-assessment process after interventions (complete version of

Office of Assessments | Mine Safety and Health …

The Office of Assessments assesses and collects civil monetary penalties for violations of the Mine Act and mine safety and health standards. This mission includes determination of the civil penalty amounts, collection of and accounting for all delinquent penalties ...


 · 10/1/2014. End Date. 9/30/2019. Objective. To characterize sand, stone, and gravel mine workers'' ability to recognize worksite hazards and to understand how this ability relates to perceived and measured risk as well as to other factors internal and external to the sand, stone, and gravel mine worker. Topic Area.

Public Consultation on Good Practice Guide for Risk …

 · Download the document below: Good Practice for Risk Assessment for Mine Gas Emissions. Consultation is open until 18th December 2020. Any comments must be submitted on the Word Form (download below). This Word Form should be sent to Nicola Harries ( [email protected] .uk) by the consultation deadline. Late comments and those in any other ...

Final Rehabilitation, Decommissioning and Mine Closure Plan Including Environmental Risk Assesment

This document then fulfill the requirements of both the Final rehabilitation, decommissioning and mine closure plan and the Environmental risk assessment report 2 CONTEXT OF THE PROJECT 2.1 Issues that have guided the development of the plan

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Filed under: Mining Engineering - Mine Risk Assessment Reference: International Symposium on Earthquake Engineering, JAEE, Vol.1, 2012 LINEAR ELASTIC NUMERICAL MODELLING FOR FAILURE PREDICTION–AN ASSESMENT (2012)

TARGETED ASSESSMENT PROGRAM Consolidated report Emergency management …

The risk assessment process for emergency management was generally inadequate for identifying, analysing and assessing the rescue, medical and fire-fighting capability required by the mine. Consultation with emergency service organisations with regard to the emergency plan was generally

Risk Assessment and Management for Mines and Mining …

assessments in relation to certain high risk, prescribed hazards associated with ground instability, inrush, atmospheric contamination, mine shafts, conveyors, earth moving machinery, fire, explosives, electrical work and mine roads. If you identify a prescribed

Drilling hazard management: The value of risk assessment

conducting the risk assessment. In general, the same matrix should be used for successive operations at a given project or well, to provide continuity, so long as the relative values remain repre-sentative of the project or well over time. If these values changea new


The work that coal miners try to accomplish in their everyday work is extremely dangerous. The history of coal mining accidents in the United state has tallied over 13,793 deaths from 1839-2001. In 2004 a total of 6,027 people were killed in China''s coal mines. (2).

Risk-based environmental assessment for uranium mines – …

IAEA Example of risk assessment in practice Beverley North ISL U mine, 2010/11 • From 12 topics, 8 were identified for formal risk assessment 1. Soils – 4 impact events 2. Vegetation – 4 impact events 3. Surface Water – 2 impact events 4. Hydrogeology – 3

SLAM for Life

 · Mine Safety and Health Administration SLAM for Life - MSHA Risk Assessment DVD520 - 2005 MSHA employees, as well as mining personnel, face many hazards at home, in the office, and at the mine site. When accidents occur, many of them fall into these ...