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We have two kinds of PCD Die which made by different cores. 1) Ordinary PCD Die Ordinary PCD die is mostly applicable to draw low carbon steel wires (iron wires) and the performance-price ratio is very high, for example, Gabarro SA (Spanish company) drawn around 300 tons of low carbon steel wire using our one die (ordinary PCD die with hole diameter 3.4mm).

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Additionally, the inexplicable Performance,Quality, & Quick Service has also attracted customers from every corner of the world to place there regular orders for these Wire Drawing Dies. Advantages of our Product: Significantly Longer die life Excellent wear resistance High surface finish Accurately sized High machine efficiency Repeatability

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PCD/Diamond Dies Drawing User''s Guidelines: Re-cut or re-polish die on the observation of a wear ring in the field of wire contact to optimize the die life Reduce bearing length for a high speed drawing Die size recommended for the blank size should not exceed

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Jun 6, 2019 - HENAN QE DIAMOND DIE is specialized in wire drawing die manufacturing for many years. We have natural diamond die, mono diamond die, PCD die and tungsten

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We at Khurana Wire Drawing Dies manufacture & export "KWD" Brand Tungsten Carbide Dies for Wire, Bar, Tube & Cable Drawing Inds., Polycrystalline Diamond Dies PCD, have carved a niche as the most preeminent dies Exporter and are also counted among the reputed brand Suppliers in India& abroad The use of excellent Quality materials ensures high durability and resistivity for all types of ...

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Speed: 10m/sec We manufacture drawing dies for wires from size 0.15mm to 30.00mm. Castings: Mild steel casings are used for wire drawing dies. These casings are hardened for long life and maximum output from die. Casings of EN 8

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 · 7 common materials of wire drawing dies descriptionAlloy steel die is the early material of drawing die. Carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel are the main materials for manufacturing alloy steel dies. However, due to the poor hardness and wear resistance, short service life of alloy steel mold, it can not meet the needs of modern production, so the alloy steel…

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Paramount Die manufactures polycrystalline diamond (PCD) wire drawing dies that can be used for a wide range of drawing applications. PCD dies offer a high resistance to wear and an excellent wire surface finish. The dies can be used in ferrous and non-ferrous

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 · Wire drawing is an interaction of several parameters, yield stress, modulus of elasticity, work hardening (wire properties) and semi-angle, reduction in area, bearing length (die geometry). An experimental test is used to carry out the wiredrawing of a copper wire through dies …

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Arpita Die Works - Manufacturer of Wire Drawing Dies, Diamond Dies & Polish Machine from Delhi, India With great & continuous support by our valued customers and our top notch quality products makes one of the Manufacturers in this industry. We are engaged ...

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 · This makes the PCD die has more advantages than the Carbide drawing dies die. PCD wire drawing dies made with good wear resistance, wear uniform bore, strong shock resistance, high drawing efficiency. So now PCD wire drawing die in the metal industry

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Ordinary CD blank wire drawing dies Features Good wear resistance Good surface finish High machine efficiency Repeatability Low cost Hole diameters: 0.100 - 9.00 mm For specail quality requirements, we suggest PCD wire dies with Sumidia WD blank.

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Tungsten carbide wire drawing die compared with other wire drawing dies, low cost, more economical than other molds, very suitable for drawing large-sized wire. Diameter range:≥1mm. Circumferential crack at the bottom of the wear ring propagates by splitting the …


The die core ( 10 ) is held in place by a force generated through deformation of mating geometric features on the die and the rings ( 60, 70 ) of increasing diameter. The present invention relates to a die comprising a die core ( 10 ) of a hard material and at least two pre-stressed rings ( 60, 70 ) of increasing diameter placed around the die core and methods of making and using the same.

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Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a better choice,which has been proven to provide excellent surface finish and improved consistency for different wire materials. Diamond Shaving Dies The load-bearing area of polycrystalline diamond peeling die supports the vibration of wire material is much better to peel the wire surface through PCD mold than by a TC peeling mold.

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Drawing Die polycrystalline diamond made with good wear resistance, bore wear uniform, strong shock resistance, high drawing efficiency, and many cheaper than natural diamond. Therefore, polycrystalline diamond dies in drawing widely used in industry.

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 · Wire Drawing 7.1 Introduction: In drawing, the cross section of a long rod or wire is reduced or changed by pulling (hence the term drawing) it through a die called a draw die (Fig. 7.1). Thus, the difference between drawing and extrusion is that in extrusion the material is pushed through a die, whereas in drawing it is pulled through it.

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Esteves Group polycrystalline diamond drawing dies (PCD dies) give the wire manufacturer the ability to maintain uniform wire roundness and minimize material usage. Polycrystalline diamond dies enable a long drawing die life even at high process speeds and high demanding applications.

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The Drawing Die Applications are designed for measuring round drawing dies. Other types of dies, like extrusion dies may not be possible to measure using this application. If you have special needs, please contact us to find a useful solution.

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 · emial:[email protected] (008618913191585). we are manufacturer of wire and cable making equipment,steel spool and other accessory.

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Polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die is the longest die life of all materials,which can provide the highest production efficiency and reduce downtime. It is suitable for all applications from large drawing to ultra-fine drawing,with predictable wire surface quality. With the free arrangement of diamond crystals,the wire rod can still keep ...

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1) Ordinary PCD Die Ordinary PCD die is mostly applicable to draw low carbon steel wires (iron wires) and the performance-price ratio is very high, for example,a Spanish company drawn around 300 tons of low carbon steel wire using our one die (ordinary PCD die with hole diameter 3.4mm).

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Carbide Wire Drawing Dies View Product Line PCD Dies View transformation Bar & Tube Dies View Now Shaving & Peeling Dies Reduce Wire Failure Why do you need Paramount Die? Speed 45% faster drawing rates than standard dies on the market. ...

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It has a very high drawing finish, long service life, and a reasonable price makes the single-crystal diamond wire drawing die core a variety of drawing Ideal for high-end products. Diamond is a crystal of a single carbon atom, and its crystal structure belongs to the equiaxed face-centered cubic crystal system (a crystal system with the highest atomic density).

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 · As a worldwide famous die blank, Compax blank PCD die is widely used to draw various ferrous and non-ferrous metal wires like copper, aluminium and stainless steel wires etc. with high quality. Features: Significantly Longer die life. Excellent wear resistance. High surface finish. Accurately sized. High machine efficiency.


CD die blank PCD die is mostly used to draw copper, aluminium and stainless steel wires with high quality, its accuracy and highly polished finish are almost same as Compax die blank, only wear resistance is around 90% of Compax die blank, CD blank PCD


Die Materials Overview • Cemented carbides are the most widely used for drawing dies due to their superior strength, toughness, and wear resistance. • Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) used for wire drawing dies – for fine wires. Longer die life, high resistance to

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Wire Material: High carbon steel. Description: Self-supported and electrically conductive (metal filled) PCD die blanks are available in 5 and 25 micron diamond grain sizes with dimensional sizing from D-6 to D-30. Read more. Compax® - Thermally Stable. Hyperion Code: Compax® (TS) Wire Material: Tungsten/molybdenum.

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Also used for wire drawing which including welding wire drawing (Low carbon steel wire, medium and high carbon steel wire) stainless steel) and tube drawing. Advantages: Nano Dies extend die life at least 10 times longer than tungsten carbide wire dies.

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Whatever your application, you can rely on Esteves Group to leverage our technical expertise and extensive tooling experience to deliver the tools you need to keep your business successful. Esteves wire drawing dies inside Niehoff multi wire drawing machine. Esteves recut reposh and refurbished PCD SSCD ND and TC wire drawing die services.

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It can guarantee the wire out-of-roundness.at the same time,it possesses high surface fineness and long drawing life.And in the long time process of drawing,it is difficult to meet die wear and flat wire. Imported PCD dies Scope: Soft wire :gold, silver, platinum

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CVD Coated Wire Drawing Dies. The advantages of nano diamond coated wire drawing dies are as follows: 1.Long service life:the service life of copper aluminum wire,low carbon steel wire,medium carbon steel wire,cable stranded wire,welding wire and die is 20-30 times more than that of cemented carbide mold,and that of cable stranded wire is more ...

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High machine efficiency. Repeatability. High wire surface quality. Hole diameters: 0.013 - 9.00 mm. For cost concern, Using Tungsten Carbide wire drawing dies or ordinary PCD wire drawing dies. Prev. Next. Inquiry Now. Products.